Lidar Mapping Services Chippenham Wiltshire

Lidar Mapping Services Chippenham Wiltshire

TheyOur LiDAR surveys allow large scale surveys to be taken with a level of cost-effectiveness. Lidar Mapping Services Chippenham Wiltshire.

Lidar Mapping Services Chippenham Wiltshire are the latest advancement in the field of surveying and geospatial analysis. With the help of lidar technology, it is now possible to capture and process high-resolution 3D data of landscapes and structures with unprecedented speed and accuracy. In this article, we will delve into the various applications and how it has revolutionized the surveying and geospatial analysis industry.

What is Lidar Mapping?

Lidar mapping is a process that involves the use of laser technology to produce high-resolution, 3D data of landscapes and structures. The word Lidar is an acronym for “Light Detection and Ranging” and refers to the technology used to measure distances by emitting laser light and measuring the time it takes for the light to bounce back. Lidar mapping systems are mounted on aircraft, ground vehicles, or handheld devices and use laser beams to scan the environment and collect data on the height and position of objects.


Lidar Mapping Services Chippenham Wiltshire are used in a variety of applications, including topographical surveys, environmental analysis, engineering, archaeology, and many more.

Topographical Surveys

Lidar mapping is particularly useful for topographical surveys, as it provides accurate data on the terrain and elevation of a particular area. This information is critical for the design and construction of infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and buildings, as well as for environmental management and land-use planning.

Environmental Analysis

They are also used for environmental analysis, particularly for studying forests and other natural environments. With lidar mapping, it is possible to produce accurate, high-resolution 3D data of vegetation structure and height, which is useful for understanding the impact of human activities on the environment and for monitoring changes in the landscape over time.


They are also useful for engineering applications, such as the analysis of buildings, bridges, and other structures. The high-resolution data produced by lidar mapping systems can be used to create detailed 3D models of structures, allowing engineers to identify potential weaknesses and make informed decisions about the design and construction of new structures.


Lidar Mapping Services Chippenham Wiltshire are also used in archaeology, where the technology is used to create accurate maps of ancient sites and structures. Lidar mapping allows archaeologists to study the topography of a site and identify potential locations for excavation, as well as to create 3D models of structures for further study and analysis.


They offer several advantages over traditional surveying and geospatial analysis methods.

Speed and Efficiency

Lidar mapping systems are much faster and more efficient than traditional survey methods, as they can collect data much faster and with greater accuracy. With lidar mapping, it is possible to produce detailed 3D maps of large areas in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional survey methods.


Lidar Mapping Services Chippenham Wiltshire are incredibly accurate, with the ability to produce data with resolutions of up to 1 cm. This level of accuracy makes lidar mapping particularly useful for topographical surveys and other applications that require precise measurements.

3D Data

Lidar mapping systems produce high-resolution, 3D data, which allows for a more complete and detailed understanding of the landscape or structure being studied. With 3D data, it is possible to create accurate models of structures and landscapes, which can be used for further analysis and study.